Moe Distillery

Moe Distillery returns passion and integrity to the art of spirits. The secret is in the single grain and its strength of character. We are carrying on the proud tradition of Estonian spirit production at the world’s second oldest vodka distiller, the Moe Fine Spirit Distillery established in 1688.

Estonian Sangaste rye, the world’s oldest cultivated rye variety, and pure water from the Pandivere water protection area make the organic Moe vodka the finest example of Estonian Vodka*

* An EU protected geographic indication.

In 1886, a pharmacist buys the Moe distillery (established in 1688) and starts building a fine spirit distillery that is modern for its day. Throughout history, the pharmacist’s profession has required knowledge, precision and a sense of responsibility. But Estonia is the only wondrous place in the world where the profession of vodka distiller is just as respected as that of the pharmacist. The walls of the spirit distillery hewn out of fieldstones, the stones that curve into the chimney and the cellar with its majestic ceiling — these are the traces left by an educated man who was hungry for knowledge.

Sangaste rye

Moe always uses 100% Estonian winter grain. Most of it is Sangaste rye, which is the world’s oldest variety of grain, supported and protected by the government of Estonia.

Pandivere upland

Moe (form. Muddis) is a place in the Estonian upland, in Pandivere Water Protection Area, known as the land of hidden rivers and vanishing lakes.

Moe fine spirit is a drink suitable for adults

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