Estonian vodka (PGI)

Tradition is the name given to cultural features that in times of change continue to be
handed down, thought about, and preserved.
Forgetting traditions—no matter which ones—is not difficult at all.
We are maintaining the traditions first mentioned at Moe Manor in 1500.
This is a true little story, which began in that year, continued until 1526, from there to 1688,
developed further in 1886 and still continues. This is our story – the story of the
Estonian vodka* that we wish to introduce to you.

* Estonian vodka—protected geographical indication

RYE 1886

The world’s consumer trends place great value on “real things and real tastes“. This has been true of Estonian vodka* traditions since time immemorial. And it is not important how long it has taken the world to get to where we have been since 1886.

  • Rye 1886 is made from organic winter grain and produced using the age-old techniques that has been developed in Estonia since 1485.
  • Rye 1886 is produced using 100% renewable energy.
  • The Moe Manor is located in the center of the Estonian Pandivere National Water Protection Area.The water used in Rye 1886 comes from a well nr 3142.

* Estonian vodka—protected geographical indication.


40% Vol. 70 CL


Estonian vodka* slowly distilled with winter rye malt and Moe karst water. Copper crusible proof by recepy of pharmacist J.J. Kurberg.

RYE vodka is handmade of Sangaste winter rye and rye malt. Made by slow distillation and the traditional methods from the second half of the 18th century, which preserves the characteristic flavour and aroma of winter rye.
* Estonian vodka—protected geographical indication.


40% Vol. 50 CL


By applying modern technology to ancient Estonian and Livonian knowledge, Silver Swan is bringing passion and integrity back to vodka. Without the honest goals of time—quality, purity, flavour—technological advancement only takes us farther away from a truly premium spirit.

The vitality of grain—in this case Sangaste winter rye*—is characterized by its content of proteins, carbohydrates, starch, vitamins, trace minerals, and other, including phytoestrogens and antioxidants. Only rye with optimal levels of vitality is used in the production of our spirit.

* Estonian vodka—protected geographical indication.


40% Vol. 70 CL


Silver Swan Organic Vodka ei ole järjekordne maitsetu viin. See viib sind rännakule viinatootmise klassikalisse ajajärku – 17. ja 18. sajandisse.

Silver Swan Organic Vodka on filtreerimata maheviin.

Kirkama maitse saavutamiseks on Silver Swan Organic Vodka valmistatud ainult esmaklassilisest maheteraviljast.

Silver Swan Organic on uhke Estonian Vodka geograafilise tähise kandja. See tähendab, et viin on toodetud Eestis kasvatatud teraviljast valminud piiritusest ja Eesti veest.


When you choose Silver Swan, you know that we did not invent another tasteless vodka. This vodka takes you on a journey back to classical period of vodka, to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Clear, complex, and remarkably pure, the frst impression of the unsurpassed smoothness is an experience that makes all others obsolete. Silver Swan is unfltered.

Originally vodka was unfltered and made only from the best winter grain—only the best grain lives in the taste of vodka after its long journey through mash, fermentation and slow distillation.

Truth resides in the single grain. Silver Swan uses winter grain for its strength of character, sourcing it from old manors lands. These estates are still farmed: simply, with sustainable, earth-friendly practices. The precious grains are harvested only at the optimum time, painstakingly sorted, and dried with the utmost care. Then past meets future.

* Estonian vodka—protected geographical indication.

40% Vol. 70 CL

Sangaste rye

Moe always uses 100% Estonian winter grain. Most of it is Sangaste rye, which is the world’s oldest variety of grain, supported and protected by the government of Estonia.

Pandivere upland

Moe (form. Muddis) is a place in the Estonian upland, in Pandivere Water Protection Area, known as the land of hidden rivers and vanishing lakes.

Moe fine spirit is a drink suitable for adults

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