Ae, võeras, sie kõik mis sii pudelis
põle mette kaose läin.
Tule mo otsa piale,
ma karguta sind mandrile ää.

Mohn Poppy gin is made from rye spirit in a small batch. In 1688 the island of Muhu was called Mohn, which in German means the Poppy Island. From there comes the taste and tone of the gin – hand-picked blue and green juniper berries and poppy seeds of the island.

Hand-crafted gin an intriquing blend of wild poppies, green and blue juniper berries from the unique Mohn (Muhu) island. Unfltered to maintain full flavour. The berries & seeds are handpicked and native to the isle. Base spirit is distilled from winter rye.

Sleepy fishing villages, working windmills, thatched cottages, plenty of deer, moose and birds plus a more secluded location help define Muhu as profoundly Estonian.

45% Vol. 70 CL

Sangaste rye

Moe always uses 100% Estonian winter grain. Most of it is Sangaste rye, which is the world’s oldest variety of grain, supported and protected by the government of Estonia.

Pandivere upland

Moe (form. Muddis) is a place in the Estonian upland, in Pandivere Water Protection Area, known as the land of hidden rivers and vanishing lakes.

Moe fine spirit is a drink suitable for adults

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