Estonian Rye Malt Whiskey

Tamm & Rukis is the rarest drink produced at Moe.

Tamm & Rukis is the rarest drink produced at Moe. It is the first and only Estonian whisky. Tamm & Rukis (Oak & Rye) is distilled from Sangaste rye malt and matured in American oak barrels.

The distillate used for the whisky has super premium quality. It is made from Sangaste rye – the oldest known variety of rye still in production today. Sangaste rye, with its long thick stalk, good grain yield, winter- and frost-hardiness has won recognition in several world exhibitions.

The rye distillate matures in the 19th century cellar at Moe Distillery. Casks are the only items that aren’t from Estonia that we use to make Tamm & Rukis. American oak is known to work well for rye whiskies and that is also our experience. We also reuse casks that have been previously used for sherry, cognac or bourbon to make special releases.

Some of the casks at Moe are privately owned. The cask owners form the Estonian Whisky Founders Club. The club meets annually to taste the whisky and discuss how the whisky is maturing.

The components of taste and aroma of Tamm & Rukis are derived from the nuances of fruit and bread, which are accompanied by an extremely long and complex aftertaste. Tamm & Rukis has a very fair smoky taste.

We advise to enjoy this rare whisky neat from a proper whisky glass.

Sangaste rye

Moe always uses 100% Estonian winter grain. Most of it is Sangaste rye, which is the world’s oldest variety of grain, supported and protected by the government of Estonia.

Pandivere upland

Moe (form. Muddis) is a place in the Estonian upland, in Pandivere Water Protection Area, known as the land of hidden rivers and vanishing lakes.

Moe fine spirit is a drink suitable for adults

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